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The Legend....


For 5 centuries the legend has grown. From fable to lore, generation to generation. Hushed whispers of a mysterious “drifting island” of lost souls and the brutal contest that takes place there. For many years it was thought to be just an old seafarer’s yarn, spun on late nights on the ocean to frighten the greenhorns, or to entertain friendly strangers at port as a means to keep their saki bowl filled. But those stories, said to be accounts from actual survivors, continued to compound. Stories of a mysterious island, shrouded in a nebulous, rancid fog. So thick as to obscure any view of land until the unfortunate, wayward visitors were nearly impaled on its rocky shores. Stories of a massive island, covered in thick jungle, treacherous mountains and impenetrable swamp. Stories of how the Island seemed to travel or drift. Never appearing in the same location twice...and then, only to emerge once every 30 years for a short time during the spring and summer months when typhoons are most common, almost as if to aid in its quest for obscurity. And of course the stories of the brutal contest hosted there every 3 decades. A tournament of such gruesome carnage as to humble the most seasoned veteran of war. This challenge is said to pit warrior against warrior...warrior against nature....and ultimately warrior against the island itself. This epic fight to the death in this strange far-off place has had many names but is only known now as Bushido Royale. And survival is the ultimate goal. So why would anyone undertake such a treacherous quest to such a foreboding destination to face almost certain death? The reasons are as varied as the participants who dare to embark on this journey of damnation and misery. And to answer it we must first look at the legend of the host of this wicked game.

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