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Unveiling the Season of Shadows: An Enthralling NFT Novel Set in Feudal Japan


Season Of Shadows, an NFT web3 Story
Season Of Shadows

Embark on a mysterious journey through the depths of feudal-era Japan with Season of Shadows, an innovative NFT novel where blockchain technology meets immersive storytelling. This riveting tale of honor, vengeance, and mythical beings is not only a reading experience but also a unique Web3 venture that invites the community to participate in its evolving narrative.

The Roadmap: An Engaging Journey Ahead

As we unveil the path for Season of Shadows, we promise a thrilling roadmap that engages our community at every turn.

  1. Sprouted: Kick-starting our journey, we unveil the captivating teaser for the novel. Launching our website and Twitter, we dive into the dynamic world of Web3. Let the marketing and minting begin!

  2. Collabs w/ Frens: We're thrilled to announce partnerships with renowned Web3 authors and the creative force behind Real Pixel Studio. Together, we aim to build a community, deliver value to holders, introduce exciting airdrops, and build utility for the project.

  3. Novel Chapters Launch for Mint: Stay tuned as we roll out our mint schedule for chapters. Get ready to mint Chapters 1-3 of this gripping narrative.

  4. Collabs with Community: Our community is at the heart of Season of Shadows. We'll be hosting caption contests, fostering community-driven narrative journeys, and inviting you to contribute to the lore of our world.

  5. Breakout: We're stepping into the real world with an IRL event, a softcover edition of the novel, and the launch of spinoff stories and additional novels.

  6. The Win: Our shared dream becomes a reality as our community gains momentum. The world of Season of Shadows achieves worldwide recognition!

A Story Steeped in Shadows

Penned by the imaginative Paul Inserra, (A Bushido Royale Famurai Member) whose lifelong fascination with ninjas and a varied career spanning tugboats to stock brokerage lends a unique flavor to his storytelling, Season of Shadows is set against the backdrop of a strife-ridden Japan.

We follow the tale of Hiraku, who seeks revenge for his grandfather's merciless murder at the hands of two once-virtuous warriors, now corrupted commanders serving a ruthless despot. His quest for vengeance becomes a much larger adventure as he encounters mythical creatures, rebellious citizens, and the elusive Shadow Ninjas.

As a member of Bushido Royale, you'll gain exclusive access to white list spots, exclusive content, and chances to win free mints on our 'big wheel' and in our Discord.


Season of Shadows is more than just a novel—it's an immersive NFT experience that blends storytelling with the revolutionary concepts of Web3 and blockchain. Be a part of this exciting journey that merges literature, community, and technology in an unprecedented manner. Join us as we step into the shadows and unravel a world of mystery, adventure, and intrigue.

Season of Shadows an NFT novel adventure
Season of Shadows

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