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Unveiling the Famurai Bushitoes Collection: Exclusive NFT Airdrop for Bushido Community Members

I. Introduction

In the bustling world of NFTs and Web3, Bushido Apes and Bushido Royale have always stood out for their vibrant community and unique offerings. This time, they are back with a new, exclusive drop that is bound to turn heads - the "famurai" Bushitoes collection. This one-of-a-kind collection features 7000 distinctive feet set in the ambiance of a not-so-glamorous 7/11 convenience store parking lot, a concept as audacious as it is intriguing. Coming later this year.

II. Exclusive Airdrop for Community Members

As a token of appreciation for our dedicated community members, we're giving them first access to this collection. Yes, you heard it right! Bushido Apes and Bushido Royale members are eligible for free airdrops of this unique collection. This is our way of saying thank you to our "famurai" for their unwavering support and active participation in our ecosystem.

III. Open for All

While our community members are getting first dibs, we believe in inclusivity and are opening up the collection for everyone else. Non-members, get ready to fight and beg for your piece of the Bushitoes collection! It's a wild world out there in the realm of NFTs, and securing these exclusive pieces will truly be a badge of honor.

IV.. Engage with Us on Twitter

We are active on Twitter and are always ready to engage with our community members. By following us and participating in our Twitter threads, you increase your chances of staying updated with the latest news and perhaps even scoring a Bushitoes NFT. Bushitoes coming later this year!

Bushitoes, free air drop for Bushido Royale and Bushido Ape community

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