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The Next Big Adventure: A Journey Through South America

There's a saying among motorcycle enthusiasts: "Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul." From my early days exploring Mexico on a 1979 Honda CB750 4 to my current experiences in Colombia, I've lived this saying in every sense. Now, I'm excited to share the next chapter of my adventure with all of you - The Tenere Project.

Yamaha Tenere 700
Stella, My Tenere 700

Discovering a Passion for Adventure

In the late 90s, my motorcycle and I took on the Chihuahua desert, immersing ourselves in the majestic beauty of the Barranca del Cobre. I spent six precious months with the Tarahumara Indians, learning their ways and getting inspired by the awe-inspiring canyons. The spirit of adventure that took root during those days has only grown stronger with time.

Now, after spending six fulfilling months in Colombia, I'm gearing up for a grand expedition across South America on my trusted Yamaha Tenere 700, affectionately named Stella. This journey will stretch over five months, spanning countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. But this trip will be more than just a motorcycle journey - it's the beginning of The Tenere Project.

The Tenere Project: Portraits of a Journey

As I traverse the varied landscapes of South America, I'll be capturing not just the places but the people I meet along the way. The Tenere Project is a portrait series dedicated to the faces that make up the rich tapestry of this incredible continent. Each portrait will tell a story, embodying the spirit and character of the people who call these places home.

In addition, I'll be translating my experiences into digital and physical art. From sketches and paintings to limited edition NFTs, The Tenere Project will document my journey in multiple formats.

Portrait form the NFT collections "Tenere Series"
Tenere Series, NFT portrait collection

Exclusive Benefits for Patreon Supporters

For my Patreon supporters, there's more to look forward to. As a patron, you will have early access to art drops, including the exclusive pieces from The Tenere Project. You'll also get access to limited editions, exclusive gallery showings, and Q&A sessions, offering a chance for us to connect more deeply.

Limited Edition Merch & Special Surprises

To make The Tenere Project even more exciting, I'll be offering limited edition merch only accessible to my supporters. Plus, I'm bringing a limited number of custom-made pins with me on my trip. These special pins, carried all the way across South America, will be shipped to supporters of the Voyager's Vault tier at the end of my journey. And trust me, there will be plenty more surprises along the way.

So, are you ready to be a part of The Tenere Project? Let's embark on this adventure together, creating memories, art, and shared experiences that will last a lifetime!

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