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Unveiling Our Exclusive NFT-Powered Merch Store: A Web3 Revolution in Art and Fashion

Updated: May 23, 2023

We are thrilled to share the imminent launch of our much-anticipated NFT-powered merch store, coming live this weekend! A unique fusion of the digital art world and fashionable merchandise, we have joined forces with an array of prolific Web3 and NFT artists to deliver you exclusive and coveted pieces from foundational collections.

  • Introducing Bushido Apes: Immortalize your style with vibrant creations from this beloved NFT collection.

  • Experience Bushido Royale: Don legendary pieces from this mythical NFT universe.

  • Represent $HERO: Show off your allegiance to the $HERO community with our curated merchandise.

  • Step into Space Lab: Adorn yourself in the futuristic aesthetics of the Space Lab NFT line.

  • Elevate with Libra Mons: Convey your stylish sensibilities with our Libra Mons inspired merchandise.

  • Discover Henric Aryee: Celebrate the artist’s unique vision with our exclusive Henric Aryee collection.

  • Embrace Dexxad: Honor the artist's unique perspective with our carefully chosen Dexxad merchandise.

Certain items will be available in limited quantities, adding to their exclusivity. We'll also be continuously refreshing our selection with novel and exciting items. This innovative merch store is the latest addition to our thriving Famurai community and represents a landmark step in our journey. We eagerly await its grand debut and the opportunity to share these extraordinary creations with you all.

Real Pixel Merch Shop

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