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Unleashing the $HERO Coin: Rewarding the Bushido NFT Community's Journey on the Cursed Island

Updated: May 23, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our anticipated reward system for the Bushido NFT community, two years in the making and now finally taking shape. Our newly minted $HERO coin will be a testament to our vibrant WEB3 community, offering a myriad of rewards to our dedicated famurai.

The $HERO coin will empower holders with access to exclusive NFT mints and the ability to purchase unique merchandise from our innovative artists. Additionally, it will pave the way for our community to participate in impactful charity drives, and elevate their gaming experiences with in-game upgrades and consumables.

The distribution of rewards will prioritize holders of the iconic Bushido Apes NFT collection, followed by those holding the thrilling Bushido Royale. As we continue to roll out new collections, the reward allocation will be adjusted, fostering an exciting and dynamic reward landscape.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming official post detailing the exact reward amounts for each collection.

Our commitment to fostering a rewarding, engaging, and exciting community has always been at the heart of our mission. The launch of the $HERO coin marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we're ecstatic to bring this vision to life in the upcoming weeks. Thank you, famurai, for your unwavering support and active participation. We can't wait to see you on the enigmatic, cursed island!

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