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Get Ready for a Live Streaming Extravaganza on Twitch!

This Saturday, 27th of May, at 9 PM EST, we're hosting a live stream event on Twitch that you won't want to miss. This event is packed with exciting updates on our projects, interactive games, and the chance to win exclusive giveaways. We've got news on the latest developments in Real Pixel and Bushido Royale, free airdrops, exciting games like Marbles, and our intriguing "Big Wheel" event filled with prizes galore! This is the perfect opportunity for our community members to engage, win, and learn more about our #Web3 projects. #NFT #NFTCommunity #Giveaways

Join the Fun with "The Big Wheel" and "Marbles"

"The Big Wheel" event is our special way of giving back to our community. With loads of prizes up for grabs, it's the perfect way to get in on the fun. To participate, you'll need to purchase tickets from our community store in our Discord. And of course, we can't forget about "Marbles". Battle your fellow community members in this classic game for the chance to win amazing rewards. Let's see who will emerge as the champion! #NFTGames #Web3Community

Don't Miss Out on the Exclusive Alpha and Airdrops!

During the live stream, we'll be sharing Alpha about our upcoming developments in Real Pixel and Bushido Royale. And that's not all - we've also got some free airdrops for our audience! It's a great chance to add some unique #NFTs to your collection. So mark your calendars for this Saturday - we can't wait to see you there! #NFTAlpha #Web3 #Airdrops

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