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Unlock the Samurai Within: Your PFP Character Reimagined in the Bushido Royale NFT Universe

Updated: May 23, 2023

In the exciting realm of NFTs and digital collectables, being a part of the "Famurai" by holding a Bushido Royale samurai NFT presents incredible benefits, including access to our exclusive Bushido Frens Collection airdrops.

Our Bushido Frens Collection is a unique offering that allows Sogun, our talented artist, to reimagine your favorite PFP characters as formidable samurais in the immersive Bushido Universe! To avail of this special opportunity, you simply need to be a proud owner of at least seven samurai NFTs from our collection.

To participate, submit your choice in our dedicated Bushido Fren channel in our vibrant Discord community. Please ensure that you have full rights to the PFP character you choose, as we strictly respect intellectual property rights and want to avoid any takedowns.

We've successfully completed three exciting editions and are currently working on the next batch of Bushido Frens. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to see your beloved PFP character transformed into a Bushido samurai!

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